Buffs beat Ducks 72-71

Saturday’s sold-out game went down to the wire as the University of Colorado men’s basketball team edged the Oregon Ducks 72-71.

With just seconds remaining on the clock, senior guard Nate Tomlinson raced across the court, drawing a foul in the final second. At the line, Tomlinson, who was 4-of-7 on the night, made his first free throw to seal the win for the Buffs.

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CU intramurals registration ends Friday

Are you ready for some football … or innertube water polo? Spring session 1 of CU intramural sports is kicking into gear, and students have until Friday to register.

Before players start lacing up their sneakers, there are a few important facts they should know.

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The “Magic” effect on HIV

Twenty years ago, basketball hall-of-famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson made a stunning announcement.  On November 7, 1991, the Los Angeles Lakers legend told the world that he was HIV-positive and would be retiring from the National Basketball Association.  His announcement rocked the sports world.  Fans and detractors alike were shocked that such a popular, hyper-masculinized athlete could contract what had previously been seen as disease solely for the extremely deviant – the gays and the drug addicts – not for a heterosexual superstar.  With his status, Magic Johnson shed new light on what it meant to be HIV-positive.  While his story brought new attention to the disease, the media used his situation to perpetuate heterosexist and misogynistic ideals.  Johnson’s own language after his announcement helped maintain his position as a hyper-masculine and hyper-heterosexual African American athlete.  Subsequently, in the many articles that were written about him, these ideals persisted.  Johnson’s situation was undoubtedly unique, but because of what he symbolized in popular culture, he was never demonized, but rather victimized and forgiven for his heterosexual promiscuity.

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