CU groups celebrate Allies Week

Allies across campus are looking to spread the love (and awareness) during Valentine’s week. Allies Week is organized by CU groups including the GLBTQ Resource Center, Project4Unity and the Women’s Resource Center to educate and celebrate allies of multiple identities and communities.

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Race & Sports 1

How does Zirin argue that sports have functioned historically to define social categories? Cite examples and explain.

Throughout the history, there have been many different functions of sports, many of which directly related to social categories including class, race and sex.  Sports were outlets to escape the realities of work and war, prepare young men for battle, keep these same gentlemen out of pubs and away from other so-called negative activities and assert oneself in a larger community.  With this, there are many distinctions between good sports and bad sports and which sports minorities and women were allowed to participate.

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