Never affirming female tenacity or ability

In Juarez, women have no worth.  They are treated like sex symbols and lowly laborers.  When hundreds of them end up missing and murdered in this border town, the authorities don’t take full notice or conduct very complete investigations.  Many people claim that these girls simply run away from home or go off to be with their boyfriends.  However, more often than not, these theories are incredibly far from the truth.  If those were actually the case, then maybe all of these girls wouldn’t end up being brutally beaten, raped, and eventually murdered.  Although there have been some arrests, the murders continue, and in a greater multitude than ever before.  While Alicia Gaspar de Alba provides many reasons as to why these femicides are occurring, her biggest argument is that the United State’s economy and globalization impact (through the North American Free Trade Agreement) on Mexico is primarily to blame.

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