On loving myself and my city

I used to think that people were too good for this town, but now I’m realizing that this town is too good for some of the people.

Growing up in Cañon City, I had an understandable laundry list of complaints: the old, staunchly conservative population; the lack of “cool” hangout spots (no mall, a defunct roller rink/laser tag/teen club/arcade); the sometimes claustrophobic small town feel; the economy largely supported by prisons and tourism; the seeming impossibility of being genuinely successful or accomplished here.

When I was 18, I wanted nothing more than to leave this place. Seven (holy shit) years later, I can’t bare the thought of leaving.

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Cinco celebrations for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de mayo is great for a couple of reasons. The music is bumping, the food is sizzling and the liquor is flowing. But almost more importantly, it means the school year’s almost finished. Reward yourself for a job well done on your Saturday finals and forget about the dreadful week ahead for the night with these five celebrations.

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