My handwritten reviews of “Gumby” should have been my first clue that I would become a writer. From an early age, I was always watching the little things around me and envisioning a deeper story. At each new stage of my life, this passion for observation continued to grow. An inspiring middle school English teacher and my role as a Writers’ Workshop editor made it official. I knew that I wanted to be a writer.

As a high schooler growing up in a small town, I sought out every form of creative expression. I took nearly every art and graphic design course my school offered, pored myself into writing essays and captured a picture of every weekday of my senior year. That year I decided what my next step would be. Although my athletic career had essentially ended at youth volleyball, I felt myself drawn to sports journalism.

My first week on campus at CU Boulder, I joined the school newspaper. After graduating in three years, I was fortunate to land a job in my alma mater’s Sports Information Department. Throughout my collegiate and young professional career, I enjoyed writing game previews and recaps, but found myself increasingly drawn to the deeper issues within the world of sports.

Covering topics as intriguing and varied as fanaticism, racism and patriotism, I found that I could use my passion for painting a picture with words to represent or reach underserved audiences.

Telling these stories made me decide to pursue a new path. I am committed to using my career to serve and positively impact others. Use the social links on the sidebar to follow my new adventures in word and play.