CU students get down at Glowfest

Friday night smoke clouded the ceiling and glow sticks covered the ground at Program Council’s presentation of Glowfest.

Concert-goers stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Balch Field House to watch McAdoo, Fresh2Death, THiCK CHiCK, Sorry for Partying, Crystal Castles (DJ Set) and Savoy perform.

The electronic, house and dubstep music got the crowd dancing and the overhead lasers kept viewers entranced.

Sophomore psychology major Megan Schirf says she enjoyed bumping into her friends and listening to the amazing music at the concert.

Although it was her first time hearing one of the headliners, Schirf says their performance was actually her favorite part.

“When Crystal Castles came on, I never knew who they were, but they were so amazing,” Schirf said. “I feel like everyone loved them. I liked all of the lasers, and they were really upbeat with every song they played.”

John Usery, a 20-year-old computer science major, says that he was disappointed with Crystal Castles. Although the DJ set played remixes of some of their popular songs, including “Untrust Us,” the group’s lead singer didn’t get to showcase her unique voice.

“Crystal Castles was a dud,” Usery said. “Alice Glass didn’t even sing.”

Usery says that Savoy was his favorite act. He notes that the group’s introduction was suspenseful and that their use of lasers really helped make their set memorable.

“The lasers overhead were sweet,” Usery said. “It was like a canopy of lights overhead that synched well with the music – especially since I could not see the band.”

Usery also liked the fact that many of the acts had connections to CU and the state as a whole.

“I feel the school should honor its own like as much as they can,” Usery said.

Fresh2Death is a DJ duo from Denver. THiCK CHiCK is originally from Boston, Mass., but currently resides in Boulder. Sorry for Partying, McAdoo (a current CU student) and Savoy all got their start in Boulder.

Usery says he likes that the Boulder/Denver area is becoming an electronic music hub.

“I like it,” Usery said. “I mean Boulder has a lot of retro flair, and I think the electronic scene here in Boulder and Denver adds a new age element to it. Plus it is great music to dance to.”

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