Aaron Klug sentenced

For Aaron Klug, $400 is about to equal eight years.

The 28-year-old agreed to aggravation in his June 2010 bank robbery in exchange for the dismissal of the habitual criminal charges against him, which included a felonious attempt to commit aggravated motor vehicle theft in 2007 and a felony attempted escape in the same year.

On Friday he was sentenced to eight years behind bars and three years parole.

Just three months after finishing up a five-year sentence, Klug robbed a US Bank in Longmont, Colo.

Klug, who donned sunglasses and a black hooded sweatshirt during the robbery, handed a bank attendant a note that said, “Just give me $400 in 100 dollar bills. Open your drawer that I can see you.”

The attendant says that she was unable to read a third line of the “neat and orderly” note because Klug moved it too quickly.

She gave Klug three $100 bills and five $20’s, and he left without any disruption.

A few months after the robbery, Klug set up a date with a woman named Sophia that he had met on the dating site plentyoffish.com.

While at dinner, he bragged to her about committing the robbery and said, “It’s in my blood to do this stuff.”

Sophia says that while on the date, he complained that the note had requested 40 $100 bills, and not $400.

She says that he also made rude and racists comments and showed no remorse for his actions.

With her help, Klug was arrested Oct. 5, 2010. At that time, Klug told police he had no residence or place of employment.

During sentencing, the prosecution focused on Klug’s lack of remorse for his criminal behavior.

Klug’s attorney Karen Peters countered that her client, who did not speak at the sentencing, is ready to make a change in his life, and said she believes that at his young age, he still has plenty of time to do so.

Peters suggested that Klug needs to receive treatment for an anti-social personality disorder that was spurred by a “horrendous childhood.” She asked Judge Gwyneth Whalen for a sentence of six years, saying that was plenty of time for him to be punished.

Whalen couldn’t overlook Klug’s criminal past and lack of remorse, and sentenced him to a full eight years with three years parole.

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